Armless Alice was formed by frustration and the need for expression.

The music is filled with emotion, distorted noises and revealing lyrics.

History have seen them travelling all the way to Berlin and Riga, as well as other places, to spread their music. Several rockstars own their last demo, including Alice Cooper.

Ranging into many different genres which makes them hard to label. They have become one of the wildest live acts in years and has won the admiration of audiences all over their home country.

Armless Alice is a Swedish industrial rock band, formed in Gävle in 2008 by their frontman Fredrik Thrysoe.
Since their formation they have released an EP, Postmortem Superstars, through Sliptrick Records and are now back with their first full-length album, In Shapes, in January 25th 2017.

Mixing loud industrial rock with intimate and hushed piano ballads while adding lo-fi rock to the mix.
The shows are filled with theatrical elements, be it old television sets spread around the stage
to the band changing their looks and stage clothes for every event.

Highlights include playing at Rock Bitch Boat 2013, which included travelling between Stockholm to Riga, with
the infamous Swedish band, Skitarg and BatAAr. As well as performing at the Getaway Rock Challenge in Gävle and
a lot of club shows in different parts of Sweden.

“There is a constant flow of warped and distorted electronic sounds from the speakers. Heavy grinding guitars pouring into the soundscape and the dark vocals mixed with insane shrieks. Overall, it is heavy as hell.”I Love Underground Bands

“This screams potential. These are the stars of the future!”
“These tracks get the job done!”
“Cool music and concept, I like it!”
– Snowy Shaw (Therion, XXX, King Diamond, etc)

Contact the band on booking (@) armlessalice.net


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